Looking for a new start and a different sound,The MADE & the Born traded Tropical Miami vibes for up and coming Nashville. Always reaching for catchy hooks and a song you can’t stop singing, this duo sets out to tell a story with the biggest sound possible.

Joe Lamberson and Julio Berrones met as college roommates. Living a one bedroom shack in miami, the Walls of their room were covered with Rolling stone articles, band posters, and album covers. The two began to bond over writing their own music. inspired by influences such as the killers, the Yeah yeahs, Kings of Leon, and phoenix, The result would be infectious beats with soaring vocals. Songs like, “Runaway,” and “High,” will get stuck in your head, leaving you wanting more.

after planting themselves in the nashville area, the band has steadily built a reputation for themselves. With over 350k streams on spotiFy, the band shows no signs of slowing down. Their latest single, “Better,” (produced by Matt kass) can be found on spotify playlists like “fresh Finds:Index,” and “Latinx:Indie”.

The band just came off a top 5 finish appearance at lightning 100’s MUsic city mayhem, a headlining show at nashville’s famous 3rd and lindsley and new music coming in july, the made and the born look to build on what looks to be an exciting summer.